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What do we do?

QueensCare what

Queens Care Society is comprised of a group of concerned community members with the common intent of making Queens County a better place to live for seniors in the region. Our goal is to ensure that proper infrastructure, including;  assisted living, long term care, and transportation opportunities are explored in the area.  That we advocate on behalf of our seniors ensuring that their voice is heard loud and clear to all those who will listen. Education and networking be made available to all so that we have the proper tools, and information to care for ourselves. To also avoid social isolation and loneliness. All with the goal of both attracting and keep people within our region so that Queens County can be the optimal choice for our retirement years.

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Make a donation.

QueensCare donate

The society has a mandate of giving back to the community and as such 50% of all donations are returned to likeminded non-profit organisations within the region annually that have a seniors mandate in mind. All donations will be tax deductible and no money collected goes toward administration and or wages other than occasional supplies, rentals for fundraising events, or entertainment at said events. The money collected goes entirely toward seniors in the region and unused annual contributions are retained and invested for future use within our community.

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The “Helping Hands” program is under way as of June 1st. The idea behind Helping Hands is simple.  It’s an initiative to meet the needs of those living within our communities who need a helping ...

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2017 AGM Updates & Message

POSITIVE MESSAGE FROM QUEENS CARE SOCIETY AT AGM Oscar’s was the scene on April 19th as the Queens Care Society  board members and guests marked a year of progress at the Annual General Meeting ...

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Results from our Housing & Seniors T…

  Please click on the link provided below to see the detailed results from the Queens Care Society's Housing & Transportation survey:    http://www.regionofqueens.com/images/left...

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