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What is Active Living?

Active Living is a way of life where people are encouraged to be physically active every day in their community.

Conditions once thought to be age-related are now recognized as due, in part, to lower activity levels. Scientists and researchers now understand the benefits to our seniors and stressed health care system of prevention over treatment. Greater understanding of these conditions helps direct initiatives more appropriately.

Continued physical activity helps seniors stay healthier longer. The adage “use it or lose it” is true. We want to create communities where age-appropriate physical and leisure activities are readily available. Active living options have increased, however, more work needs to be done.

The number of seniors living in Nova Scotia will double by 2026. Our population is aging, and we have the distinction of the highest number of centenarians in North America (Time Magazine, 2004). Strong community support is one of the reasons for this longevity.

Seniors are valuable assets and need to continue to feel useful in our communities. They contribute in many ways – such as financially to their families, and in supporting services such as childcare, to name but two. Seniors also have the highest volunteerism rate of any population segment.

It is imperative that we do all we can to support our population as it ages. Active, healthy seniors are one of the keys to our future growth as a province.


Staying Healthy information

Below are some links with information regarding aging, nutrition and health. We reference these links as aids for you to gather more information about healthier living and life choices.

Queens Care Society has no control over the nature, content or availability of external links. We try to maintain these as up-to-date and relevant. If one of the following is not, please contact us.

Information to help seniors stay active, healthy, and maintain independence in their own home.

People who take up fitness later in life are more likely to "age successfully" and stay healthy compared with those who remain couch potatoes, a large British study finds.

Government of Nova Scotia - Seniors' Healthy Active Living


8 reasons to make a donation to Queens Care Society

  • Seniors are valuable members of our community and deserve to be at home as long as possible
  • Our aging population demands more and bettersupport services
  • Improved infrastructure will maintain and increase senior opportunities in our communities
  • Transportationoptions will enable seniors to more easily access services
  • Networking among health care representatives will enhance and create opportunities for all individuals within Queens County
  • Better support for seniors will ease caregiver stress
  • Our county will be recognized as inclusive, promoting tourism and new prospective residents and businesses
  • Our work will allow all to have a voice and an opportunity to express opinions
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