The Queens Care Society has been in existence for nearly three years, but many people are unclear about this organization and what it does.

It’s an advocacy group for senior living in Queens County. What this means is that the group’s role is to identify issues facing seniors in Queens, to sort out ways to solve these issues, and to work with other agencies in order to do this.

To begin with, the Society identified three major issues: public transportation, affordable rental housing, and assistance to seniors facing household challenges.

With regard to transportation, Queens Care Society has surveyed the community, developed a business plan and established a permanent transportation agency, Queens County Transit. We are ready to launch public transportation in Queens County as early as September 2018. But funding is always an issue, and the financial support of the Region of Queens is crucial to the success of this initiative. On Tuesday, February 27th, Queens County Transit and facilitators Granite Solutions will be making a presentation to Region of Queens. The time will be 8:45 a.m. at Council Chambers, Region of Queens Building, 249 White Point Road. We invite you to come to this session to learn more about the service and to show Council your support for this initiative.

Queens Care Society has also been working over the past two years in an effort to establish a community-based rental housing development for seniors in Queens County. it is our goal to make it possible for members of our county’s aging population to have access to affordable rental community living in their own county.

We have already established “South Shore Helping Hands” (a South Queens “chapter” of an initiative already in place in North Queens). If you are a senior, or are disabled in some way, and need help with a chore you feel is unsafe for you to do, you can call Helping Hands at 902-354-4789. Leave a clear message, stating your name, phone number and your request, and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Queens Care Society is soon ready to “hand off” these initiatives to the agencies which will carry on the work. We are looking forward to our next “start”, working toward improved long-term care facilities in Queens County. Watch for more information on this and other projects in the months to come.

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