The “Helping Hands” program is under way as of June 1st.

The idea behind Helping Hands is simple.  It’s an initiative to meet the needs of those living within our communities who need a helping hand but do not have someone nearby who is able to lend a hand. 

We all know people--mainly seniors--who take pride in living independently in their own homes.  This independence is truly important to these folks as it means they are still in charge of their own lives.  But there will always come a time when that independence is compromised--when a situation arises that requires help from someone else. 

The  Helping Hands program mobilizes volunteers to help people within their homes with tasks that are becoming too difficult or that can no longer be done safely.  Volunteers will be set up with individuals on an “as needed” basis--depending on the need.

Some of the tasks that volunteers in the Helping Hands program can assist with include, but are not limited to:  running errands;  picking up mail; changing light bulbs or batteries; taking garbage, recyclables or green bin to the curb; and various small household jobs.  These are just examples, so if a senior has a request that is not listed, they should simply ask and the coordinators will do their best to accommodate the request.  Another important aspect of Helping Hands is companionship.  Sometimes a person’s independence can lead to loneliness.  A Helping Hands volunteer can make a difference by simply making a friendly visit.

To contact South Queens Helping Hands, simply call 902-354-4789 and leave a message as prompted by the voicemail.  The messages will be checked daily and calls returned within 24 hours.

Volunteers make a difference!  And it’s not just making a difference to a Helping Hands client.  Participating as a volunteer in a program like this can enhance your life as well.

Spending time with a senior can be a surprisingly rich experience!  Like most organizations, additional volunteers are always welcome!

 For more information on how Helping Hands can work for you, or for information on becoming a volunteer, please contact Debbie Page (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 903-350-2462, or  Anna-Lise Parker (354-4475).

South Queens Helping Hands is a project of the Queens Care Society.

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