Donate Now

Donate Now

Make a donation to keep our seniors happier and healthier in our community. Your contribution enables us to become actively involved in initiatives that encourage seniors to remain engaged in their communities. This enhances the wellbeing of everyone in Queens County.

We value diversity, embrace change and look toward a positive future for the aged in the region. But to achieve our goals we need your support.

Help us be a strong voice advocating for the best quality of life for our seniors. Consider it giving back to those who have given us so much.


What do we do?

Queens Care Society acts as an advocate for seniors’ issues. We speak with integrity, credibility and professionalism. We aim to take the lead on issues that improve the lives of seniors in our community, demonstrating compassion for them and giving them voice. Our desire is to create collaborations and partnerships between appropriate organizations, helping to navigating the maze of regulations and bureaucracy to ensure the best for our seniors.


What's our plan?

Our vision is summed up in the following four goals, and how we intend on reaching them:

Goal 1: Enhance Seniors Lifestyles

  • Consider the whole person when advocating on behalf of seniors
  • Identify opportunities based on professional input within the spectrum of wellness and health

Goal 2: Continual Education

  • Be informed and up-to-date with current and future issues and opportunities

Goal 3: Encourage Networking

  • Enable networking among regulating bodies, health and home support, local constituents and community constituents

Goal 4: Advocate for Infrastructure

  • Identify and help create appropriate living based on social and economic realities
  • Immediately focus on three core items: transportation, housing and networks

pdfDownload our Strategic Plan


8 reasons to make a donation to Queens Care Society

  • Seniors are valuable members of our community and deserve to be at home as long as possible
  • Our aging population demands more and bettersupport services
  • Improved infrastructure will maintain and increase senior opportunities in our communities
  • Transportationoptions will enable seniors to more easily access services
  • Networking among health care representatives will enhance and create opportunities for all individuals within Queens County
  • Better support for seniors will ease caregiver stress
  • Our county will be recognized as inclusive, promoting tourism and new prospective residents and businesses
  • Our work will allow all to have a voice and an opportunity to express opinions
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